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It turned out to be one of the most thrilling drama experiences I have had!

It is tough to create a medical espionage thriller but the PD and writer team have done a fab the ending appears slightly weak.

And I also believe we don't need several loves to mature up our lives.

I mean she came from this ordinary sweet young girl who love Park Hoon with all her heart .she had to hide her emotions in order to survive and to be with Hoonie..seem to have problems with whether Seung Hee is Jae Hee..I knew it all along because of the way....

Seung Hee look at Hoon...there is weariness in those eyes....

is hard to find calm passionate undying love in our world nowadays and in the dramaland as well...

I could only conclude people like Soo Hyun because they can connect to her more... And in realiy there are chances that Hoon and Soo Hyun could end up together but then it wont be doctor stranger then ..... I will probably watching more from her ..though not Bridal Mask or Inspiring Generation because i hate tragedies...I am satisfy with this drama..there's a lot to enjoy.. like I said before the cinematography was great..plot to me is very hooking...a lot of the osts..especially Stranger, Meet You Now... Doctor Stranger maybe still stranger to drama lovers here and I must be a stranger here to enjoy the drama a lot..(I don't measure it on how good the drama because I am not professional critic.

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